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Off Roaders Age 16 and Up

Off Roaders Age Restrictions 16 & Above  WARNING! Off Road vehicle are designed for Riders OVER 16 Years Old All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are off-road vehicles used...

Emission Rights and Warranty

Emission Rights and Warranty Powersport must:- warrant your vehicle for 5,000 km OR 500 hours of engine operation, or at least 12 months, whichever comes...

Owners Warranty Responsibility

Owners Warranty Responsibility  As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for the performance of the required maintenance listed in your owner’s manual . Powersport recommend that...

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructionsa. Before starting the engine, make sure that the driver is seated properly in theoff roader .b. Testing the ,machine in an Open...

Pre Ride Inspection

Pre ­Ride Inspection WARNING - Perform this pre-ride inspection prior to operating the vehicle. There could be serious damage to the vehicle or personal injury...